Welcome to Antech Converting’s mini-site showcasing the large range of Boschert Safety Chucks, Sliding Chucks, Brakes & Tension Control. We have been Boschert’s leading partner in the UK for over 25 years, so have an extensive knowledge of the wide range of solutions & products they offer.


Boschert C Safety Chucks

Since the introduction in 1948 the Boschert C Safety Chucks have become the industry standard. This is a high quality product, competitively priced and suitable for lower speed applications. Safety Chucks available for both Pedestal & Flange Mounting. The SafetyRead more

SKO 22-30 VT1 Sliding Safety Chuck

Boschert Sidelay Sliding Safety Chucks

Boschert Sidelay Safety Chucks are designed to be adjusted axially, allowing the web to be aligned sideways during operation. Sidelay Chucks are supplied in a VT type configuration with all the same features as available in the standard Chucks, butRead more


Boschert Automatic Safety Chucks

Boschert has designed a solution for safe unwinding which does not require any human involvement in the process. Boschert Automatic Safety Chucks, available for both Pedestal & Flange Mounting, are designed for all manufacturing processes and require little or noRead more

FLW 22-30 VT6 Safety Chuck with ESB Brake

Safety Chuck Brakes

Boschert brakes supplied with Boschert Safety Chucks are the perfect solution to your unwind applications. These brakes are suitable for all types of applications from tension control to emergency stop and fit directly onto Safety Chucks. For more information, pleaseRead more

Boschert Multi-Brake & Chuck

Boschert Multi Calliper Brakes

The Multi Calliper Brake is the most versatile pneumatic brake that Boschert offer, as it is easily adaptable to different torque and power requirements. Calliper brakes are used which means depending on the requirements the Multi Brake can accommodate between 50NmRead more

Boschert FLW 40-50 VT7 Safety Chuck

Boschert VT Safety Chucks

With the VT type Safety Chuck, the replaceable inserts can be changed quickly and easily on the machine with minimum downtime. Any shape and size of insert can be chosen, in many different degrees of hardness in order to offerRead more

Tapered Cone

Boschert Tapered Serrated Core Cones

Boschert Serrated Aluminium Core Cones are available for round or square Air shafts & bars. Cones are manufactured from high specification Cast Aluminium suit bars up to 80mm and are available for cores between 50mm & 330mm. For more information,Read more

Roll & Web Tension Control Unit

The Roll & Web Tension Control Unit is used to maintain a constant unwinding and rewinding tension on the web as the Roll diameter increases or decreases utilising an ultra sonic scanner to monitor the diameter of the roll, andRead more

Boschert Inserts, Finger Guards & Spares

Boschert Safety Chuck & Brake Spare Parts are of the same high quality that would be expected from Boschert and in many instances can be supplied the next day. Stocked Parts available include Finger Guards, VT Inserts, Ball,Spring & Screw,Read more